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Chef's Daily Suggestion - 3.50 per person

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Clams from Ria Formosa "Bulhäo Pato" - €18.50
Whitebait fish - 12.50

From our coast with Tartate cream

Fried Wild Shrimp - €15.00

Spicy flambé

Goat Cheese Gratin - 10.50

Medronho and honey, marmalade of lemon and mint, mixed lettuce and cherry tomatoes

The Soups

Chicken soup to your liking - 4.70

Choice of rice or pasta

Seasonal VEgetable Cream - 3.50

Main Courses

From the Sea…

confit Cod - 20.00

“Roupa Velha”

Roasted Octopus - 22.00

On a bed of sweet potato puree with sautéed cabbage, spinach and bacon 

Xarém" (corn porridge) with shrimps and clams - 16.00

From Ria Formosa

Fried fish of our coast - 13.00

Tomato rice, roasted bell pepper, and pennyroyal

Monkfish & Shrimp Rice - 17.00

From the Land…

Chicken Púcara - 14.00

Parsnips, mushrooms and new potatoes

Black Pork Cheeks -16.50

on a bed of mash potato and fennel with sautéed spinach, crispy bacon and chorizo

Argentinian Sirloin Steak - Portuguese Style - 18.00

Prosciutto Ibérico, sliced fried potatoes and a fried egg

Lamb stew - 16.50

Served with new season potatoes, fried bread

Roasted goats leg - 21.00

Served with new potatoes and chorizo “Migas” (fried mashed bread with chorizo)


Traditional “Bap” bread, bacon, fried egg, red onion jam, cheese & rocket, served with fries

vegetarian options

mushroom Risotto - 18.00

Asparagus & truffles

Corn Porridge - 13.00

In seasonal vegetable stew


Breaded Fish Fillet - 7.50

Choice of rice or fries

Chicken Breast- 6.50

Choice of rice or fries

Spaghetti Bolognaise - 7.50

In seasonal vegetable stew


"Drunk" Pear - 4.20

Almond crumble and lemon ice cream

Rice pudding - 5.50
Warm Chocolate Cake - 6.70

With Vanilla Ice cream

Chocolate Mousse - 4.00

Dried coconut chips

Cheesecake - 4.00

Pumpkin and orange jam, almond crumble and mango ice cream

Cheese plate - 7.50

Price is per person

Chicken "Púcara"
Parsnips, mushrooms and new potatoes
Roasted Goats Leg
New potatoes and chorizo crumbs
Roast Octopus
sweet potato purée, Sauteed cabbage, spinach, bacon
Pumpkin & orange jam, almond crumble, mango ice cream


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